Libercantus in Tubingen 2016-13

Libercantus Director: Vladimiro Vagnetti

Vladimiro Vagnetti has degrees in Oboe, Didactics of Music, Choral Conducting and Early Music (Performance Practice of Renaissance Polyphony). He studied with internationally renowned musicians. As part of the Ensemble Orientis Partibus, he studies, plays and records medieval and Renaissance music with early musical instruments. He is the conductor of Libercantus Ensemble, Polyphonic Group F. Coradini, Ponte Valleceppi Polyphonic Choir and I Cantori di Perugia. He was teacher of Early Music for middle school choirs during the Festival di Primavera (Spring Festival) organised by Feniarco (2010 and 2011). He has been professor of Choral Practice at the Conservatorio Statale di Musica “F. Cilea” (Reggio Calabria). He participates in national and international festivals and concerts both as choir director and as instrumentalist.